1858: The Miller and Lux agricultural enterprises begin acquiring Valley lands, including riparian properties along the San Joaquin & Kings Rivers


1871: Miller and Lux begin diversions off the San Joaquin River through a series of canal systems; most of which are still in use today


1880’s: Miller and Lux begin securing San Joaquin & Kings River Water Rights


1913:  San Luis Canal Company is incorporated and begins service to lands within its boundaries. The Company soon claims and continues to hold Pre-1914 Appropriative Water Rights.


1939: The four entities (SLCC, Central California Irrigation District, Columbia Canal Company and Firebaugh Canal Company) sign a purchase agreement with the United States of America providing for 840,000 Acre Feet /Year of water from the Central Valley Project (Shasta Dam) in EXCHANGE for the Bureau of Reclamation taking water from the San Joaquin River.  The Exchange Contract water rights are maintained and new ground began to be developed on the east side of the valley with newly developed water out of the soon to be constructed Friant Dam